Majority of the people in the US are overweight or obese. This may be caused by the kind of lifestyles they live and for others it may be genetic. Losing the extra body weight is healthy as it gives you a good body shape and weight. There are several ways in which people use to lose weight some of which give favorable results while others are not favorable. Losing weight has been simplified due to the existence of different weight loss supplements that help majority of people to cut off the extra pounds. Have you tried the pure green coffee bean extract for weight loss?

 What is pure green coffee bean extract?

These are simply unroasted beans. They contain chlorogenic acid which slows down the release of glucose in the body hence boosting weight loss. The green coffee beans can be used by both men and women and it has helped many people to lose weight within a short period of time. The pure green coffee beans have no filters, binders or other ingredients. This weight loss supplements is most preferred by many people due to some of its benefits which include the following:

-Helps in boosting the rate of metabolism

-It maintains the blood sugar levels in the body

-Contains a small percentage of caffeine

-It doubles the weight loss results

-Reduces sugar cravings

pure green coffee bean extract

Pure green coffee bean extract ingredients

The green coffee beans are extracted from unroasted coffee beans and the main ingredient is the chlorogenic acid which helps in the loss of weight. This maintains the blood sugar levels. The acid also helps in preventing the storage of fats and increases the metabolism of fats.

 Dosage of the pills

There are different doses ranging from 500mg, 400mg or 200mg. The pill is taken 30 minutes before a meal to enable it work effectively. The maximum dosage for a day should not exceed 1200mg and is advisable to use the pill for a maximum of twelve weeks.

 How the pure green coffee bean extract works

The product is effective for weight loss and it works by blocking the fats which the body cannot use topure green coffee bean extract produce energy. It absorbs the carbohydrates making the body use the fats effectively. This product also helps in the regulation of blood sugar levels hence reducing the amount of sugars that you take. When the level of glucose is high in the body, the pancreas produces insulin which makes the body to store the fats instead of burning them. The presence of the acid ensures that the level of glucose is low in the body hence no fats are stored in the body.

Where can I get It?

Maintain a healthy body weight by using the pure green coffee beans. The product is available in trusted websites for at affordable prices. It is important to ensure you buy the right products since there are many counterfeit products in the market. Ensure it is 100% pure and the level of chlorogenic acid is between 40% to 50%. For people with other medical conditions, it is important to seek medical attention before deciding to use any weight loss supplement.


GREEN COFFEE BEANS has for long been debated, if it is good for people to consume in order to lose weight. The FDA says such supplements should be based on scientific research rather than such products, that its producers specify that the products can make you lose weight without any change of habits. One fact of this product is that no side effects have been reported and it has caffeine in it.

This product is considered to be a natural product that provides a natural mince of losing weight. The fact is that there is no guarantee to prove that this particular product is 100% safe to consume or use for reducing weight. It is possible that this product can have additional unnatural and ingredients that, people consuming are not aware of; it is not a 100% guarantee to any person using it, so anyone who intends to use it should have that in mind.

Before using this product for weight loss, you should ensure to see a doctor especially for those who are suffering from diseases like diabetes and blood pressure even those under medications should ensure to see a doctor for safety measures. Most importantly, any one in need of this particular for weight loss should endeavor to investigate about the company you intend to purchase it from, on the FTC`s website.

It should be noted that this product works for weight loss, but people should be skeptical if there is a side effect to this product. This product could have been fabricated differently from one another since there is no specific formula which their manufacturers have. This poses a risk because one bottle could have much caffeine and the other does not. This is a course for alarm because when doses of caffeine is highly concentrated, it will obviously affect any one consuming it with illnesses like nervousness, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, GI upset and ringing in the ears, even irregularity with the heart beat. Anyone consume this product should be aware of the risks, that might arise from the consumption of it.

Research has a shown that, there is no guarantee that this product can efficiently make a consumer to lose much weight. In 2012 a research study printed out that people who consumed up to 1,050-mg and 700-mg of doses lost just about 16 pounds by the end of six weeks. This can be considered to be a major fact about this supplement as consumers should know there is no guarantee for you to experience much loss of weight after consuming this particular product, though the research was highly criticized because it had only a small number of subjects of only 16, later another analysis was carried out that included 142 subjects. This study was able to prove that this product works on consumers only at a moderate rate.

This product that is being consumed as a pill does not have any tangible evidence to prove that this product is safe to consume or whether is very effective for weight loss. Consumers on the other hand should not be completely carried away, with the languages manufacturers of these supplements use, to convince them in order for them to purchase the product. Consumers need to be skeptical because these supplements might not have the same 100% as when they are advertised.
Chlorogenic Acid is another active compound that is found in this supplement. It has been noted to be one of the main active ingredients and is responsible for the weight loss. Consumers should be aware that this product is made with antioxidants and pharmacologically highly active compounds, and both are Caffeine and Chlorogenic Acid, all this components will have effects on human beings.

Though this supplement is not 100% guaranteed to be safe to the consumers, it has health benefits as it may positively have an effect on the way consumer’s body absorb and use carbohydrates. Research carried out on animal studies proves Chlorogenic acid reduces glucose absorption and this could help protect the body in diabetic management. GREEN COFFEE BEANS extract can also play a great role, by positively working in the blood vessels of the body, which helps regulate heart beat.

With all its many benefits, it is definitely something everyone should try out.